We’ve Been Featured! And Soon I’ll Write About My Lostness. Let Me Compose it to the Wall First

I have a new post in mind. In fact, I spent half the night composing it out loud on my back porch to my shadow on the fence. I cried a little and I talked to the stars, too. One of the hardest things to do is realize that most of the frustrations or setbacks that come up on the path are usually created by no one but yourself. That’s the hard part: coming to that point of realization. But the good news is, once you get there, once you finally rest on the side of the road and recognize you’re lost, that’s when it begins to turn around. And nothing is ever lost, especially not yourself, or your strength. It’s those times in life that you’re really moving, though it seems you’ve taken the wrong road or walked backwards for miles. Have faith in this: you’re growing. And you won’t get to your destiny any faster wishing you had the perfect map or it all figured out from the get-go. You’ll get there. You’re getting there. You have to get lost to find out who you are–

Enough of that.

WaysWeAreLost is linked on The Useless Critic’s Website. And so is a picture of me as a kid standing not too far from where I am now. Just down the street. Funny. I still don’t believe I’m back in the one place I spent the majority of my life trying to run away from. I’ll leave again. But I think the hometown has something good to offer me. Some lessons that I think I’m starting to learn. It’s weird that the place people usually feel most at home and “themselves” is home, where as I feel most my self when I’m out in the world, anywhere, other than home.

Check it out: HERE

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