On Something Beneath Me

Dear God I am standing on one ledge and somehow my veins are bonnets blue lines which way and that which is understandable you understand me having carved rivers through great beings and barren lands. I had a friend once lean against an oak tree taller than she was and then became an angel for all purposes to heal the world from radiation, the bad kind, not the good. And horses were everywhere once little families under the mountains feeding on grasses not yet touched by us and because somehow I was a rock I am still connected to you. Letters were made only to speak your name which is wide and little left to darkness which it invades. I swam with dolphins as a before-child called womb a world unto myself next to you in you somewhere safe and hidden then escaped through doors into this world. Wherever you go I am also going which means maps are love letters from a sad girl under a sad balloon under the sunlight in a whirl of becoming dead while alive which is not dead at all but more than ever alive blue veined and waiting.

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