How Much Better?

I promise you that today was your best day. Nothing could have topped the richness of what you experienced as it was happening. I also promise that whatever high or low you may have felt will be dampened with time until something triggers a memory and you’re standing separated from it with miles of plexi-glass in between. It won’t be the same, or carry its original weight. So, in every sense, as you go to sleep at night, the closest moments which made up the day really were your best moments, until tomorrow. On the same token, everyone you’ve ever met is with you if you will them to be, in whatever capacity and in whatever way you need them to be.

The great thing about the body (your body, your only body) is that it, too, is the best body, so sleep in it as though a new gifted home, all full of grand expectations. If today was the best day, ask yourself, How much better can it get? And it will.

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One Response to How Much Better?

  1. randomyriad says:

    There is nothing but this and what comes next. Accumulations of wisdom and folly bring us to the edge of our existence and off we go, whether we want to or not.


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