Basic Trust: Right Words, Right Time.

So many minute-by-minute miracles have happened to me lately.  Of course, if we look deep enough and with enough silence, we will see that this is always the case, continually, no matter what.

A friend of mine wrote me out of the blue some words that I needed to hear.  How did this person know to send the words my way? They trusted the movement, trusted the pull.  I relayed that I also often feel this sort of pull, but am afraid if I speak out of nowhere to someone about something on my heart toward them, then they will think I am weird.  However, I am beginning to trust myself more and more.

Especially when it comes to dreams.

I don’t stop myself from telling someone about a dream if they have appeared in it.

Earlier this week, I reached out to someone who asked if I had any words for them.  I had just finished running and my mind was clear, thankfully.  I brought stillness into myself and wrote:

Like you’re on a boat, alone, and there’s nothing to see for miles. Each wave comes one after another. Maybe it’s raining softly. You have a slight shiver and there’s no jacket. But focus on each wave as not just something to endure but something that is Moving you toward something. No, there’s no one around you. You are alone in that boat miles away in the sea. But not because you are not loved. You are alone because you have been given this gift of being the only one strong enough to go on that journey. Everyone else is preoccupied with something trivia or surface level, though necessary in their own life. But you…you are in the boat. And the waves are your gift, too, because they are moving you forward to a place / shore that holds something profound for whoever is on that boat. Keep all this in mind as you shiver alone on the sea. Also this: change is the most tragic and wonderful thing of all.

I don’t know where the words came from or even if they would be appropriate, but they were, and were received well.  Looking back I don’t doubt it because the emotions I felt when writing it were honest, targeted and given to me.

In true Universe style, out of the blue, another friend from a completely different realm (though not that different) of my life wrote to me this evening out of the blue the exact words I needed to hear.

I am sharing because I feel (know) it will help someone else, too.  Here are their words:

I want to tell you that it’s inspiring to see how you’ve taken what may have seemed like a confined or unfortunate situation and have made the most of it by taking the initiative to develop yourself physically and emotionally, for your own sake, and not as a performance to please someone else. I can see that it is much more than just a fitness program for you, that it is really about escape from bondage, and you have escaped. There may be days when life still seems difficult, but I wanted to congratulate you on your dedication and discipline to the channeling of your own energies and let you know that you are already free…

The last bit rings loudest.  And I want whoever is reading this know, even if you’re on that boat in the sea, or if you’re breaking through the constraints put on you each day, busting through your own personal glass ceilings: “know that you are already free.”

All it takes is trust.  Simple, isn’t it?  A. H. Almaas calls this “Basic Trust”.  I can read through his description of Basic Trust and never fully “get it”.  However, he does say that if one has Basic Trust, it’s something that they don’t even consciously have to work toward.  It is just is.  And it is, if we feel it or not.

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